Young Professionals, life, business and faith: Thabo Mahlobo's thoughts

Why young professionals need to start life, work and business on a foundation of faith?

Every Monday morning millions of professionals around the world go to work forgetting what they heard or did on Sunday and move across an imaginary demarcation line. This says there is little relationship between what they experience on Sunday and what they do on Monday.

Sound preposterous? It may, but this is the mindset of many professionals in our world today. The spiritual does not mix with their everyday world of the workplace. “What happens on Monday has no relationship to what takes place on Sunday,” they say. These are the thoughts expressed so much in our day and time, although they are not expressed in such direct terms

In simple terms, what I am saying is that most professionals either do not see the need to live out their faith in their workplace and business or they don’t believe in starting their lives, work and business on the foundation of faith. They view their lives, work and business as secular with no direct relationship with the supernatural/ faith.

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