A Modern Greek Tragedy

The Greek Tragedies are one of the oldest forms of written drama in the world, penned and then performed in the amphitheatres of Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean. They had a number of common characteristics. The main characters were introduced early on in the narrative, and hints were given of their weaknesses and character flaws. The story line provided for the inevitable end drama and climax, in which those flaws were brutally exposed. Death and tragedy were usually the outcome. The audience were made aware of what was brewing, but it appeared that nothing could be done to prevent the sadness and loss. Simple little comments and the odd rash decision bring on the fate destined by the gods. There seems to be no escape, like a fly straying too close to the web of a spider. Today, psychological disorders are named after some of the characters, have you heard of the Oedipus Complex? This is but one example.

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