Same Sex Marriage?

Over the last few years a number of nations have enacted laws ratifying same sex 'marriage'. The most recent of these was the United States. Thirteen American States had already legislated this change, and the Supreme Court has now voted to force the decision upon the rest of the Union. The majority was a narrow one but it is still binding on all States, and it will now require a constitutional amendment to change it. That is unlikely to happen any time soon. This subject has been a matter of considerable debate for a number of years now, and the Church worldwide is greatly divided in her differing opinions about it. I have been asked for my own views by a couple of friends, and will make a few of comments expressing my thoughts in the second part of the article. I suppose the Anglican Communion has been the focus of most of the media attention in the general debate, and there the discussions have widened to the role openly gay ministers should play within the church.

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