The Importance of Leadership

I have just completed reading two books on the Second World War. The first was by an American soldier who spent 4 years in a Japanese prisoner of war camp and the second was an overview of the War from both the Soviet and Allied perspective. Last week the world remembered the day when the Americans dropped two nuclear devices on Japanese Cities and before that Remembrance Day services were held all over Europe to commemorate the end of the War in Europe.

The impression both books left me with was the magnitude of mankind’s stupidity and cruelty. Led by dictators in Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union and managed by diplomatic and military leaders who set out to achieve what their masters told them to do. The “civilized” countries of the World attacked each other in an orgy of violence and self-destruction that left tens of millions dead and many more homeless, destitute and hungry.


iDare2Care: One night of courage, A City Forever Changed


Victor Hugo once remarked: You can resist an invading army but you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.” The iDare2Care event proved to be one such idea, echoing as it did the campaign that is sweeping across the globe, namely the CEO SleepOut, a philanthropic initiative that began in Australia 10 years ago with the aim of drawing attention to the global issue of homelessness and raising funds to help combat the scourge. (Recently, South Africa took up the global challenge, successfully hosting the first CEO SleepOut to be held on African soil – the Inaugural 702 Sun International CEO SleepOut™ in Johannesburg).

Wayne Sandeman, Pastor at His People Christian Church Durban, had no idea the extent to which his God-inspired idea to challenge the status quo concerning the plight of the homeless in Durban would be embraced and adopted by his fellow ‘Durbanites’. However, at 5pm on Friday 15 May 2015, approximately 1000 people (including many from different churches around the City) braved the early winter chill and gathered at the City Hall in Durban, to participate in what became known as the iDare2Care initiative.

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