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The Whole Chicken- Why We All Need To be in Full time Ministry

Why We All Need To Be In Full Time Ministry

It was one of those rare moments when someone says something profound on the news. So profound that I have not forgotten it, years later. Sadly, the event was a crippling nursing strike, where non-striking nurses were barred from entering hospitals by their striking colleagues, to the detriment and even death of uncared for patients. The male nurse glared at the camera and blurted: ‘who the heck do you think I am, Florence Nightingale?’ I say that this is profound because it is a history lesson, a current affairs lesson, and a Great Omission lesson all at the same time. Let me explain. Florence Nightingale is rightly regarded as the mother of modern nursing. She rejected a life of pleasure and riches for what she regarded as a God-given call to nursing, believing that ‘the kingdom of God must be within (our hearts), but also without (expressed practically)’. Her motive was the call of God and a desire to serve mankind. This became not only her work, but a life-work, not merely a job, but a vocation. Today, those italicised words are largely absent from anyone’s vocabulary, even a Christian one. As author Joseph Budziszewski wrote concerning the motive of students for entering various fields of study:“They choose their fields of study on the basis of how much money they can make... Serving God, though, is another proposition altogether. “Vocation? What’s that?”” As the church and as church leaders we have unfortunately contributed to this Great Omission. Church leader and author Steve Murrell hit the nail on the head when he wrote the following: 

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